Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Russia. In 2011 How Did the Leading Companies Divided Their PPC Market Pie?

According to ACAR (Association of Communication Agencies of Russia) in 2011 the online advertising market showed tremendous growth of 56% and reached RUR 49 billion ($1.6 billion).

According to eLama.rus estimates in 2011 the Russian pay-per-click advertising segment increased by 61% and reached RUR 30.6 billion or $1 billion. As always the top market share belongs to the Yandex.Direct it was about 67% (eLama. ru). Its sales turnover was RUR 20.6 billion or about $700 million.

Russian E-Commerce Market 2012

According to Advanced Information Technologies Agency in 2012 the Russian e-commerce market will increase by more than 45% and reach RUR 520 billion (about $17.6 billion).

Becoming a WTO (World Trade Organization) member Russia will reduce import duties that will lead to price equalization on some group of products.

In 2012 the Russian Internet Market Grows by 37%

The advertising market in Russia currently includes TV add, Radio, Print add, Outdoor advertising (billboards, light boxes etc.) and Internet. In 2012 this market is expected to grow only by 8.6%.

According to the forecast by Goldman Sachs in 2012 the Russian online advertising market is expected to grow by 37% and increase its share in the entire advertising market due to the relocation of companies budgets with greater amounts going onto online advertising.

Russian Online Audience Continues to Grow

According to different estimates the number of Internet users in Russia varies from 57.8 million (Public Opinion Foundation) to 70 million (Ministry of Telecommunications). Each source has agreed that the RUNET audience continues to grow.

FOM’s analysts say that the time the users spent surfing on the Internet and the frequency of web visiting has grown as well.