Russian E-Commerce Market 2012

According to Advanced Information Technologies Agency in 2012 the Russian e-commerce market will increase by more than 45% and reach RUR 520 billion (about $17.6 billion).

Becoming a WTO (World Trade Organization) member Russia will reduce import duties that will lead to price equalization on some group of products. As a result Russian people will start making more purchases abroad and famous online-stores will have a chance to gain 30% share of online profits in Russia market during the upcoming 2 to 3 years.

One more trend is online and offline commerce merging: a user will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the product via Internet and later buy it in a retail setting and vice versa «having touched» a product in a store and then be able to buy it online.

About 70% of all online shopping will be done by Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 20% — by people who live in cities with populations exceeding one million, and only about 10% by medium and small towns.

E-commerce is becoming a separate industry of the Russian Federation economy. Government should take care to provide e-commerce with better conditions to advance.

Currently e-commerce comprises less than 1.2% of Russian GDP (Gross Domestic Product) with governments help in 2012 this figure can reach 1.9%.