Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Russia. In 2011 How Did the Leading Companies Divided Their PPC Market «Pie»?

According to ACAR (Association of Communication Agencies of Russia) in 2011 the online advertising market showed tremendous growth of 56% and reached RUR 49 billion ($1.6 billion).

According to’s estimates in 2011 the Russian pay-per-click advertising segment increased by 61% and reached RUR 30.6 billion or $1 billion. As always the top market share belongs to the Yandex.Direct — it was about 67% (eLama. ru). Its sales turnover was RUR 20.6 billion or about $700 million. According to Yandex the number of advertisers of Yandex.Direct in the last year increased by 44% and rose above 270 000 users.

In 2011 Begun lowered its market share and to’s analytics it was about 5%. In the last year Google.AdWords’ market share increased and reached 26%, what can be explained by Google’s growth in the search market (also about 26%).

To eLama’s opinion all the other market players had about 1-2% in total.